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Join our bicycle mechanic course and discover the joy of working on your own bike. You’ll learn how to diagnose and solve common problems, perform routine checks, and customize your bike to suit your needs and preferences. Our experienced instructors will guide you through practical exercises and provide useful tips and tricks.

Topics Covered in the Academy

Bicycle Terminology

– Types of bikes & their attributes

– Parts of a frame

– Driveline components & their functions

– Performing an M Check (bicycle condition check from top to bottom & front to back)

– Maintenance requirements

Wheels & Tires

– Tire sizes, types, and uses

– Inner tube sizing

– Wheel sizes, types, and uses

– Understanding & adjusting Cup & Cone hubs

– Spot truing a wheel


– Rim Brakes

– Disk Brakes

– Brake adjustment

– Benefits/drawbacks of various brake types


– Replacing a chain

– Replacing a Casette

– Understanding chainrings

– Understanding bottom brackets


– Indexing gears

– Setting limiters

– Functions & features of different types of shifting systems

Bike Fit

– Saddle adjustment

– Cockpit adjustment

– Handlebar types & their attributes

– Understanding frame sizing

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-3 days a week, Tue, Thurs, & Sat

-4 weeks long

-2 hours per class

-$650 per person


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@ 12-2pm


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